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De-Installation and Removal

Plus One Communications can provide Certified De-installation, Removal and Asset Recovery for a wide variety of telecom related equipment. By leveraging the cost of de-installation services with the sale of the decommissioned equipment, our business model provides our customers with a turnkey solution for their surplus assets. Our engineers and technicians have the ability to design and adhere to a method of procedure (MOP) or a scope of work (SOW) for a variety of de-installation requirements. These include Complete Central Office, POP Site, Cable Mining, Battery System, Generator and HVAC systems. Our team of experts has a minimum of 20 years in the telecom industry.

Switching Equipment

  • Lucent 1AESS thru 5ESS

  • Nortel DMS

  • Tellabs Titan 5500

  • Alcatel 1630, 1631, 1603, 1640 and 1680 switches

  • Wireless Voice Systems

  • Voice-Data Systems

  • Traditional Voice Systems

  • Private Branch Exchanges (PBX’s)

Transport and Network

  • Access Equipment

  • ATM Switches

  • ATM WAN Switches

  • Digital Cross Connects

  • Wireless Network Equipment

  • Wireless Voice Systems

  • Gigabit Routers

  • LAN Switching Hubs

  • Point-to-Point Microwave Equipment

Power Systems

  • Distributed and Bulk Power Systems

  • Rectifiers and Inverters

  • Generators (power protection)

  • Enclosures for Environmental and Power Protection

  • Transient Voltage Surge Suppression Products

  • Certified Battery Removal and Disposal

Plus One Communications maintain a perfect service record and have successfully completed more than 2000 site De- Installations.

Contact Us: Tony Simeone (925) 706-1400 or email

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