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Quality Policy

Plus One Communications is committed to providing service excellence to its internal and external customers and suppliers. Our commitment is achieved by educating, communicating and empowering our employees to provide customer and supplier services without constraints. Service excellence is regularly measured throughout the organization to ensure we are meeting customer goals and objectives and to determine areas for improvement.

Decommission, removal, and recycling of end-of-life telecom electronics is at the forefront of these initiatives. Equipment that is no longer suitable for resale or redeployment can be responsibly recycled through our comprehensive recycling program. We offer a fully audited and sustainable alternative to traditional disposal through the use of landfills. In addition, we provide a “Certificate of Destruction” to provide peace of mind to our customers concerned with protecting critical data.


Proper shipping receiving and handling of our products is essential to the success of our quality program. All shipping and receiving personnel are trained in our ISO 9001:2008 procedures for handling telecom equipment. By adopting the ISO 9001 standards, we were able to implement more efficient working practices and focus on the business objectives of our organization. Today’s global telecom market is extremely competitive. The ability to effectively compete in that market, is what leads our team to invest in a total Quality Management System to help support our staff and improve customer satisfaction.


In addition to our regular quality surveys, customers are encouraged to provide feedback and opinions directly to our Quality Management Team (email)

R2 – 14001 & 14018

Plus One Communications is currently registered as an R2 Licensed company. These practices and guidelines guarantee our customers that we have adopted a Responsible Recycling Standard that is recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The R2 standard requires accountability for practices affecting public health, environmental safety and the protection of our customer’s security.

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